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Interface RendererOptions




Optional antialias

antialias: boolean

sets antialias (only applicable in chrome at the moment) [default=false]

Optional autoResize

autoResize: boolean


Optional backgroundColor

backgroundColor: number

The background color of the rendered area (shown if not transparent) [default=0x000000]

Optional clearBeforeRender

clearBeforeRender: boolean

This sets if the renderer will clear the canvas or not before the new render pass. [default=true]

Optional context

context: WebGLRenderingContext


Optional forceCanvas

forceCanvas: boolean

prevents selection of WebGL renderer, even if such is present [default=false]

Optional forceFXAA

forceFXAA: boolean

forces FXAA antialiasing to be used over native FXAA is faster, but may not always look as great webgl only [default=false]

Optional height

height: number

the height of the renderers view [default=600]

Optional legacy

legacy: boolean

true to ensure compatibility with older / less advanced devices. If you experience unexplained flickering try setting this to true. webgl only [default=false]

Optional preserveDrawingBuffer

preserveDrawingBuffer: boolean

enables drawing buffer preservation, enable this if you need to call toDataUrl on the webgl context [default=false]

Optional resolution

resolution: number

The resolution / device pixel ratio of the renderer, retina would be 2 [default=1]

Optional roundPixels

roundPixels: boolean

If true Pixi will Math.floor() x/ y values when rendering, stopping pixel interpolation. [default=false]

Optional transparent

transparent: boolean

If the render view is transparent, [default=false]

Optional view

view: HTMLCanvasElement

the canvas to use as a view, optional

Optional width

width: number

the width of the renderers view [default=800]

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